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Oust MOC 5 TECH Bearings

Oust MOC 5 TECH Bearings

The Oust Moc 5 Tech Bearing was designed to handle the rigors and abuse in technical street skating, hard impacts from big street tricks, and heavy loads from downhill slides or drifting. 

Some of the roughest street skateboarding is reached during huge ollie’s, blunts slides, grinds, and various demanding technical tricks. Downhill skateboarding applies tremendous axial and torsional loads while a board is in a turn or slide. 

To maximize the strength of the MOC 5 Tech bearing, a high strength carbon steel ball cage is used in place of a nylon ball retainer, which bends and breaks much easier. This cage ensures the ball placement stays aligned in the harshest skating conditions and extends the bearing life for thousands of skating hours. 

The MOC 5 Tech Bearing is manufactured with the same high precision specifications as the MOC 7 Speed bearings. The MOC 5 Tech bearing has two removable buna rubber seals for proper bearing protection, and to provide better service for the bearing when the seals are removed. Higher quality than Swiss Bearings. 


Fit all Penny boards, scooters, rollerskates, and inline skates.



  • Unique bearing design allows for tighter tolerances, unlike popular brands.
  • High Rockwell material hardness, and high surface polish for increased speed, performance, durability, and low friction.
  • High strength carbon steel ball cage that is ideal for street skateboarding.
  • 2 Removable buna rubber seals for superior bearing protection and easier cleaning.
  • Beyond ABEC 5
  • 8 bearings per pack
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